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64% Alcohol (ethanol) Hand Sanitizing Cleansing Gel (4oz)

Frequent cleansing of hands is important, but it can leave skin irritated, dry, cracked and bleeding. Our powerful hand cleansing gel contains 64% ethanol alcohol and a hint of citrus to make this a reliable cleanser for hands while hemisqualane and lactic acid leave skin soft and supple. We use alcohol that is both non-GMO and sustainably sourced. According to WHO and the CDC, any hand sanitizing solution containing an alcohol concentration below 60% is not effective. 

Our hand cleansing gel dries quickly but allows the alcohol time to do its work. Stock up for personal use, at work, and around the home whenever extra cleansing is necessary.

Give your hands a real treat and try our antibacterial moisturizing goat milk + kefir soap bars.
Due to unusually high demand, please allow for extra time for this product. You will be alerted as soon as your order ships. We appreciate your understanding during this busy time.

Product Highlights:
-64% Alcohol (ethanol) is a powerful and safe cleanser designed for cleansing hands and surfaces
- Easy to use 4oz pump
-Ideal for frequent use as it leaves skin moisturized while still delivering strong cleansing action
-A delicate citrus scent works in any scenario and is light enough to leave only the mildest pleasant citrus scent behind
-Formulated with non-GMO, sustainably sourced Alcohol and is an ideal cleanser to stock up on and supply friends, family, and customers
-Correct water content prevents the alcohol from evaporating too quickly to be effective

Superstar Ingredients:
-Non-GMO Alcohol
-100% bio-based Hemisqualane
-Citrus Burst Essential Oil Blend, including Pink Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime, Litsea, and Sweet Orange Essential Oils
-Lactic Acid
-Deionized Water

Pro Tip:
-We encourage you to stock up to keep this easy cleanser on hand at home, work, in public, and on the go
-Excellent for travel and sports

-No Added Phthalates
-No Added Parabens
-No Added Gluten




Weight 4oz | 118.29ml

Weight 4oz | 118.29ml


Weight 4oz | 118.29ml


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Best sanitizer!

A skin care routine that’s simple, effective and clean!

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