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Life Changing Product

The Moonmag pain relief cream is a game changer. I'm a 45 year old ex-baseball player with some nagging injuries (ankle and shoulder stiffness) that have been 95% relieved by this wonder cream. I also have suffered from night cramps in my legs and feet for years. I've tried oral magnesium, epsom salt baths, and supplements designed to solve this issue with little to no relief. With the Moonmag pain relief cream, they have completely gone away. I've even tried to squeeze my calf muscles and curl my toes at night to induce the cramping and the cramps don't happen. Another unexpected benefit has been improved sleep at night and lower anxiety during the day. It is so calming. Also, the feel of the goat milk is so smooth and powdery on my skin and the smell is natural and pleasant. No offensive fragrance or sports cream smell which makes it great for all day, everyday use. You've got a customer for life.

Loving this balm

I have been using this balm for two months and I have found it to be super helpful for my chronic pain in my neck and shoulder. I have fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, and migraines and this is helping very much. I have even replaced another cream I had been using with this as my go-to for pain.


I recently found your product and love it! I even have a friend using it now to. I find it helps my left knee which must be replaced. I apply it before bedtime to help with the pain! I also use it on my feet at night too. Great product.. a

I have used so many products for restless legs and finally I found something that works the MoonMag pain relief cream and the balm does more than what it says it will. I haven't slept this good in years will buy more. It WORKS

Life saver

Being recently diagnosed with Lupus, I suffered from awful joint pain. I was miserable and didn’t think anything can help. Then I found MoonMag magnesium relief cream! First time I used I felt instant relief and I honestly cried because I thought I would have to just live with the pain. I use it religiously everyday. If you have constant pain, BUY THIS LOTION and get your life back.

Works like magic

I suffer from pain in my neck and left shoulder, almost immediately after rubbing it on, I feel the pain start to subside. I am not exaggerating when I say it works like magic! Can't wait to try the other products.

Great product! The super Nova Extra Strengthgive much need relief to my husband's chronic neck pain.


The Supernova extra strength cream is incredible. I’ve had excruciating back pain and haven’t been able to sleep because of it. I use this at night before bed and I sleep all night now. I bought one jar of it that I accidentally left at work over the Thanksgiving break (I’m a teacher). I couldn't wait the week to go back to work to get I ordered another one. Now I have one for home and one for work!

HIGHLY Recommend!

I purchased the MOON MAGIC - Vegan Magnesium Relief Cream for my neck, shoulder and upper back pain. I've tried so many things after getting in a car accident last year and this has by far worked the best and almost instantly.

It's a lotion in a smaller bottle and I will be taking it everywhere I go.

Miracle in a jar

The Supernova pain relief balm is a miracle in a “jar”! I have had chronic back pain and body aches between MS and my time in the Army and this balm works almost immediately. My boyfriend, a cop who wears heavy gear all day, loves it, my best friend is now hooked, and my mom recently tried it out on my stepdads back as he works in construction and she has joined the MoonMag bandwagon! Highly recommend!


Words can’t even begin to describe how amazing these products are! I’m so picky when it comes to skincare products, but EVERYTHING this shop sells is incredible to say the least. It’s left my skin silky smooth, my complexion is evening out, and it takes the redness away! I couldn’t imagine ever using anything else again! Also, the customer service is like nothing I’ve experienced and has left me impressed and a new lifelong customer!


Amazing products! Smell and feel wonderful

It Really Works!

We received our order in a couple of days and we love the Supernova pain relief balm. This is the first magnesium product we’ve tried that really does what it promises! We will definitely purchase again.

Leaves skin so soft!

I absolutely love this cleanser. Feels great, removed all my makeup, and my skin is left so soft. The scents are lovely and definitely not too overpowering. I look forward to using this every night!


The very best for pain. Aches and pain are gone with this fantastic MoonMag. I ❤️ It.

Vegan magnesium relief creme.

I really like the vegan creme as well as the original relief creme. They both are great for muscle cramps and aches and pains. Would highly recommend either one. Great products!

Love this stuff

Amazing at managing pain! I use this before bed every night and it helps me sleep better than ever! Love it and have recommended it to everyone!

Too bad products smell like a barnyard...

While I do enjoy the body lotion and the face cream sample you sent was very nice -- I can't imagine using it every day. I know Goats Milk is the key ingredient, but why, oh why, do these formulas have to reek of the wet hay lining those goat's stalls? When you create a naturally fragranced version that perhaps blends with and mitigates the goat-y scent, I'll be first in line.

Sorry these didn't work out for you. You are the second person in 2 years that doesn't like the smell. Everyone else smells the organic Cacao Butter because it is so strong. It even overpowers the essential oils. You have a very sensitive sniffer, you should consider becoming a Sommelier if you already aren't!!! Thank you for giving us 3 stars even though you didn't like the smell!

I just got my order 2 days ago and I am hooked. The 4-step beauty kit is amazing, I never write reviews but this product deserves one. My face feels so smooth and supple after just the face wash, then add the lotion and it is baby soft. You often see organic face products with numerous ingredients, but this product is the opposite with very few but very potent ingredients. I am so happy to have found this company.

This stuff is GOOD!!!!

Thanks to a couple @DallasCowboys players for turning me on to this wonderful product. They weren’t lying!!!!!! Trust me, MoonMag Vital Vortex is amazing!

The best!

First I love having a moisturizer that is also an eye cream. I apply it with a jade roller and my eyes always look bright and fresh after using! As a moisturizer it hydrated without being heavy, amazing absorption and lasts a really long time (a little bit goes a long way). I’m hooked! Thank you moonmag! Please don’t ever go away! 💕


I have tried many different products but this one is the best by far, even CBD! It took a few days for me to notice a difference and I have also added a magnesium supplement also. Plan on implementing the rest of their products.

Too thick?

I cannot get the product to come out of the pump. I think it is just too thick. I have to unscrew the pump and take off the product from the straw or squeeze it out of the bottle.
This does not work for me like the Relief Balm does.

Hi Christy, it sounds like you got a bum pump. We are happy to send you a new pump. It is thick but it should pump out nicely once you prime the pump several times. But we are eventually going to ditch the pump bottles and move to something more sophisticated and sustainable. Baby steps!
Sample Bags
Large samples in this

You get a very generous sample amount! For the sample price it is totally worth it just to try out the products. I love when companies have sample sets. All the products in this sample kit are lovely.


I love this product. It has really helped my sore muscles in my neck and upper back. Also, my friend has restless leg syndrome (RLS) from opioid withdrawal and I gave him this just to see if it would help. It did! His symptoms haven't resolved completely but the product has helped him quite a bit. I highly recommend this product. The scent is subtle and nice. Reminds me of cocoa butter scent.