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I was so excited for these products but find the scents to be very unappealing. So much so that I don't want to use them. I am very disappointed.

This stuff works

Does was it says.


Great lotion. Very moisturizing and smells great.

This is by far the only natural deodorant that surprisingly works on me! I use clinical strength deo. No odor!

My face is very sensitive. This scrub made my face very smooth and felt very nice and clean.


My shoulder and neck pain has been my daily struggle ever since I can remember. I apply this lotion and bam! Iam off to dreamland.
I used the coffee scrub as well and I loved it!
Iam very pleased with all of my orders. Thanks!

Love it!

I work nights. I come home physically and mentally sore. I don’t have trouble sleeping but sleeping while everybody is awake just don’t give you the rest your body and mind need. I put this balm on the soles of my feet and it amazingly relaxes me and give me that pain relief I so much need. Thank you!!! Looking forward to have one that has an eo in it.


I have lupus and this stuff is amazing! It helps within minutes. Some days this is the only way I can sleep. Helps with the aches and pains and makes life manageable!

Not my favorite

While I love the clean ingredients and was hoping to love it, I just didn't. It did not keep my underarms fresh as long as my current deodorant.

Hi Charlene, we are sorry to hear this! But thank you for your feedback and for giving it a try!
Good Lotion

I like that this lotion absorbs quickly. I have extremely dry, mature skin. I can tell some difference in the dryness but I need more time to use the product

Keep us updated! Thanks for trying it.
I love it!

It definitely helps relieve the pain in my back which then helps me sleep better at night! Thank you so much!

Relieves my neck pain!

Easy to use, no scent! Helps with my stiff neck and shoulders!

Great product!

I would highly recommend the vital vortex pain relief creme. I’m dealing with bulging disk right now and have tried other products like CBD oils and creme or salve. None of them have given me as much relief for the pain in my hip and lower back as this creme. The more I use it the less pain I have! It’s also great for leg and feet cramps. It’s truly a wonderful product and I have recommended to several people I know. I will be purchasing more. Thank you Stephanie Smith


I’m so glad I found your product I have a tear,arthritis and a bone spur in my shoulder and on top of all that I suffer from fibromyalgia and another condition called RSD so I’m a true test to if things work and to my surprise this stuff really works within a few minutes of applying I feel so much better. Thank you moonmag


This fabulous pain relief cream takes care of my aches and pain after working out at the gym. The container is compact so I can carry it with me in my backpack, purse, or pocket. I don't need to take
pain pills or over the counter relief, as this is all my body needs and wants. Love it !!! Amazing in every way.....

This stuff is life!!

It's like magic!

It really works!

This stuff is magical!

Magnesium Relief Cream
No More Aches & Paines

No more aches & pains with MoonMag!

Magnesium Relief Cream

This stuff really works! Helps me get through the ruff nights!

Sample Bag
It works!

Ordered the sample bag .
I have fibromyalgia and chronic back pain due to degenerative disc.
I have been managing with Oxygen therapy and high quality CBD oil, but back spasms seem to pop up and I just have had to deal with that pain.
Have not found any topicals that provided any significant relief.
Because I spent so much money on different products, I was hesitant to waste any more money on products that do not work for me.
While I realize that Fibromyalgia is a hard to treat type of pain, adding lower back pain to that was tough.
The sample pack let me try it an introductory low price and with no long term commitment.
The supernova pain relief creme has been a Godsend for me!
During one of my spasms, I rubbed about a dime's worth into my lower back.
Not even 5 mins. passed when I realized my pain had gone from a 10 to about a 2...barely noticeable.
I went about my day..have used it a few times since and it still works the same.
I recommend to anyone with fibromyalgia ...try the sampler pack and judge for yourself.
The samples are so generous..for now I have just made a dent in my sample, but I will be reordering full size when it starts to run out.
Thank you Moon Mag !

Wow! This is an incredible testimony! I'm so glad that it is working! You have no idea how much your feedback means to our team and really encourages us to keep making and researching and improving our products! No one should have to be in pain! The MoonMag Team!

The Magnesium moisturizer is incredible. I have MS and it has been so incredibly helpful for muscle spasms in my legs and getting more peaceful, restful sleep. I cannot say enough about all the products from MOONMAG!

Coffee Scrub
Scrub a Dub Love !

I love this Scrub ! I received it first as a sample. It’s not abrasive on my sensitive dry skin, but still makes me feel like a fresh porpoise ( dolphin skin face ! ) after my shower with no side effects and no bad skin care smells ! I use it facially about 3x a week . True love ~ J De Casas

Pleasant Pepperminted Pits

I had been wanting to convert to natural aluminum free deodorant for over a year as us with auto immune disorders try to eliminate as many toxins as we can. I looked at so many I was burnt out on how to make a good choice and find ones that did not have lavender or other essential oils I’m allergic to . Then low and behold I see Freda has a peppermint one . ( something that actually I do well with ! ) She was kind enough to message me on what exactly Juniper Berry was so I ordered it . At first it worked great , but as the summer months went crazy and so my diseases also heating up it didn’t seem as effective . I recently messaged her on this and asked, and also how to apply it properly ... I had been doing it a little haphazardly ... so I think
That was part of the problem . It’s grear smelling and I feel like I’m doing something good for my body with deodorant by not shoving chemicals in my pits any more . I’m hoping she can make a mini roll on ball for travel size and our purses ! My pits are pleasantly pepperminted now , like a breath mint for the arm pit mouth !

Lotion Life !

Stop Drop and Roll into several pumps of this amazing lotion ! Non scented , non greasy , non sticky , non synthetic, non drying ( as some have alcohol and make your skin worse ) and it’s perfectly moisturizing and just feels so nice and good enough too put on your face as an intermittent moisturizer- thank you goats & kefir ! Coconut oil is a staple in our house , but you also got to have regular lotion and this is lotion life ! Who knew - apparently Freda did ! We will never buy regular store lotion again -

Face Frosting !

I bought this for my Husband , his older skincare products were Jack Black , but they have some scents in them that are bit overwhelming for my Auto Immune Hyper Sensitive Nose . He loves this , I just always need to remind him to get on the consistent routine ! So I sneak in and frost my eyes with it here and there so he doesn’t notice too much is disappearing ! Definitely made for both men and women ! Thank you Freda !