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You shouldn’t have to compromise efficient products with clean beauty and that is why we know what’s in our skincare, because we make it.


My name is Freda Mooncotch. I founded MOONMAG® after my lifelong battle with melasma, acne and cystic acne. I was plagued with severe cystic acne since high school and have had it on and off my entire adult life. It robbed me of my self-confidence – I hated taking pictures, or even looking in the mirror. It impacted how I saw myself, the opportunities I would pursue, my dating life, my career and many areas of my life. I had a cloud of shame that followed me around.

I tried every elimination diet, natural product, and remedy I could get my hands on. I desperately sought the help of dermatologist after dermatologist looking for solutions. I tried everything from Retinol to Proactiv with little success and often causing more damage to my skin and self-esteem. I finally started taking antibiotics, butI became deathly allergic to them by the time I was 17. While I did experience periods of clear skin, it would always come back. To add insult to injury, after I had my son I developed melasma, or what looked like a 5 o'clock shadow, on my face. This was a devastating blow. I almost gave up and thought I was just doomed to have awful skin my entire life. Thankfully, I was able to find a very good plastic surgeon who introduced me to chemical peels. Within three peels, my melasma was gone. I remember crying with joy and disbelief that it was possible. 

In my thirties, I was still struggling with acne. Per another dermatologist recommendation, I went on Spironolactone, which is highly recommended to adult women for acne. This medication was detrimental to my health, leaving me with chronic health issues and problems with fertility. I couldn’t understand why I “needed” so many chemicals, drugs, and antibiotics to just have clear skin. Beautiful skin is our birth right and I was determined to find a solution. 

I started to incorporate goat milk + kefir into my everyday routine to cure my Freda Mooncotch image, freda mooncotch picturechronic digestive problems. What I discovered was the miraculous  skin healing properties I had never seen before. You can read about the power of goat milk + kefir here. During this time, I was also using magnesium in all its glorious forms to correct a severe magnesium deficiency. I needed it to relax, sleep, and calm the inflammation throughout my entire body. But, I didn't realize the skin healing benefits until later on in my journey. I was using a topical magnesium cream on a daily basis that had many questionable ingredients in it. After creating a beautiful goat milk + kefir lotion I knew I could create a better, cleaner product and I did.  I used it successfully as a fitness trainer and athlete for injury prevention, recovery, and pain management. After five years of research and personal experimentation, I had a eureka moment about these miracle ingredients, and the MOONMAG® Organic SkinCare Line was born.

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"Doing things my own way has allowed me to be transparent, creative and think completely outside the box to create a ground breaking skin care line that harnesses the power of Mother Nature’s vitamins and minerals in a powerful, effective yet simple routine.”

- Freda Mooncotch, Founder + CEO


Clean Beauty

All food-grade, premium, organic ingredients. No cheap oils ever. Gluten Free. Corn Free. Soy Free. No GMO’s, parabens, petrochemicals or phthalates and no alcohol. No synthetic fragrances. No heavy metals, micas, dyes, pigments, or artificial ingredients. Cruelty Free, always.

Women Owned

Every product is handmade in small batches by real women. Our raw goat milk is sourced from an award winning women owned farm in Anderson, South Carolina.

USA Made

From start to finish everything is hand made in South Carolina, USA

A skin care routine that’s simple, effective and clean!

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