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Try before you buy! You can now try our all-natural, organic Vital Vortex Magnesium Relief Cream and our eXtra Strength Supernova Magnesium Relief Balm to see how they work for you. Individual results vary from person to person. You will know within a few minutes whether either of these will work for you without committing to a full-size bottle or jar.

Each bag contains:

  • Vital Vortex Magnesium Relief Cream
  • Supernova Magnesium Relief Balm - Extra Strength


Use on your entire body regularly, anywhere that needs soothing, relaxing, and revitalizing. Let it dry and reapply until you feel better. This balm is excellent for muscle cramps and relaxing overworked muscles. Get a heavenly night’s sleep after massaging the balm into your abdomen, chest, and back 30 minutes before bed.

The magnesium chloride in our Supernova Body Butter is not diluted so it is like highly concentrated saltwater and may itch or sting when applied which usually subsided within minutes but provides disinfecting and mineral healing.

*You should always test a small area of skin to ensure no irritation or negative reaction occurs.

 If our Magnesium Cream doesn’t do the trick, our Supernova Magnesium Butter should be your next step. 



Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
It works!

Ordered the sample bag .
I have fibromyalgia and chronic back pain due to degenerative disc.
I have been managing with Oxygen therapy and high quality CBD oil, but back spasms seem to pop up and I just have had to deal with that pain.
Have not found any topicals that provided any significant relief.
Because I spent so much money on different products, I was hesitant to waste any more money on products that do not work for me.
While I realize that Fibromyalgia is a hard to treat type of pain, adding lower back pain to that was tough.
The sample pack let me try it an introductory low price and with no long term commitment.
The supernova pain relief creme has been a Godsend for me!
During one of my spasms, I rubbed about a dime's worth into my lower back.
Not even 5 mins. passed when I realized my pain had gone from a 10 to about a 2...barely noticeable.
I went about my day..have used it a few times since and it still works the same.
I recommend to anyone with fibromyalgia ...try the sampler pack and judge for yourself.
The samples are so generous..for now I have just made a dent in my sample, but I will be reordering full size when it starts to run out.
Thank you Moon Mag !

Wow! This is an incredible testimony! I'm so glad that it is working! You have no idea how much your feedback means to our team and really encourages us to keep making and researching and improving our products! No one should have to be in pain! The MoonMag Team!
MoonMag Sample Bag

These products helped manage my chronic pain- I experience break through pain daily, I take a very small dose of pain meds, but these products helped a lot!

Thank you Colleen!!
Loved Them

Loved them, especially the magnesium lotion and lavender detox mask

Years of back pain Gone!

I ordered the lavender sample bag for $14.99 ... everything in there is amazing! I was skeptical about the pain relief lotion but after trying it ... I have not experienced the back pain I have had for years ... these products work and smell so good! I will definitely put in another order for the wonderful products I had the opportunity to sample and will order more sample bags to give to friends as gifts! Great product!!!


I purchased the sample bag and I have to say the products are amazing! The face products leave your skin so soft. I also received lotion, deodorant and the pain relief cream is top-notch! No offensive smell and it works!!! I can not say enough good things about these products.

A skin care routine that’s simple, effective and clean!

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Magnesium Relief Cream - MoonMag Organic SkinCare

Vital Vortex

Magnesium Cream

$6 $10
Magnesium Relief Balm - MoonMag Organic SkinCare

Supernova Extra Strong

Pain Relief Balm

$8 $15
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"These masks literally saved my skin from cystic acne!"
- Cammie

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