Which Magnesium Is Right For You?

25 different forms of Magnesium, which one is right for you? Oral Magnesium supplementation should be apart of your Magnesium protocol but how do you know which one is right for you? Some magnesium forms can increase and trigger anxiety attacks especially if you have used any BENZO drugs. It’s well documented that Magnesium Glycinate can exasperate anxiety and rev you up instead of relaxing the nervous system. 

Magnesium Threonate is great for anxiety & insomnia. Magnesium Orotate was made for neurological problems specifically MS. Also, Magnesium Malate is excellent for general muscle issues -- I use it at night before bed & it helps me sleep. The heart has infinity for taurine so Magnesium Taurinate is great for your heart. You can take several kinds of Magnesium supplements to meet your magnesium needs. Some brands like Sinatra Magnesium Complex have several mixed together (I use this one). The most effective seem to be Magnesium Malate & Glycinate. Cheaper is not always better. 

Ionic Elemental Magnesium Chloride is the most absorbable form of Magnesium. Magnesium Malate & Glycinate are the second most absorbable oral forms at about 70 to 80% absorption. 

Transdermal elemental magnesium chloride bypasses the digestive system & has been proven to be highly absorbable and elevate magnesium levels as much as a Magnesium Chloride IV. This is what we use in our Magnesium Creams and Body Butters and in our products. 

A very small percentage of people will have increased excitability and anxiety w/ oral magnesium supplementation due to severe vitamin and mineral deficiencies, nutritional imbalances as well as use of Benzodiazepines drugs like Xanax. If you experience increased anxiety switch forms. Start low and slow, and try a variety.

Your lowest in Magnesium in the morning. I rub my body down upon waking with our Vital Vortex Transdermal Magnesium Cream and Supernova Beast Butter on my back.  Not only do they take away aches and pains, they increase your magnesium levels without causing stomach upset or diarrhea.

When using magnesium salts for balneotherapy, I mix both magnesium chloride and Epsom Salt (magnesium sulfate) because many people are low in Sulphur --especially children & people w autism. Sulphur is 4th most abundant mineral in body and is also analgesic (natural pain killer). 

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