The Dirty On Makeup & Aging

Makeup clogs your pores and when you perspire or it’s hot and humid out, the last thing you want is a bunch of chemicals, toxins and makeup getting trapped and irritating and clogging your pores, this rapidly ages and drags your face down.

While makeup can help hide imperfections and age spots, it can make you look older. For example, some heavy foundations and powders can settle into the wrinkles around your eyes and mouth, will eventually accentuate fine lines and pull the skin down.

Makeup decreases collagen production through oxidative stress which contributes to lose, dry, cracked skin. Also, when skin is dry, it's less elastic so wrinkles are more prominent and this dryness is compounded by environmental pollutants sticking to your make-up, causing what is known as oxidative stress, where skin is attacked by harmful free radicals. These molecule-sized compounds cause damage to various cellular structures in the skin and can actually decrease production of collagen - the substance that gives skin its plumpness - compounding the wrinkle issue.

Experts estimate that when you wear heavy makeup and or sleep with your makeup on, in as little as a months time, your skin is biologically approximately a decade older. Now think about that! Start changing your skin today and nourish your skin with our all natural products. Get that glowing, radiant skin you deserve and become a Glow Getter!