Pregnancy Stretch Marks: What Causes Them and How To Prevent Them

Pregnancy stretch marks are every woman's nightmare. Why do some women get them and others don't. It is simply genetics or is that just "stretching" the truth so we don't feel bad. Read on to learn what causes stretch marks and how you can prevent them and diminish them if you already have them.

Plastic Skin vs. Pliable Skin

Magnesium is the most important ingredient in any lotion, cream or balm you are using to prevent stretch marks while pregnant. Without magnesium oil as one of the key ingredients, all you are getting is a cheap or — overpriced — moisturizer! While moisturizing your pregnant belly is important it isn’t going to do anything in way of preventing stretch marks!

Magnesium oil is important for normal, healthy tissue stretching. Magnesium relaxes the nervous system, digestive system, and musculoskeletal system. Think of your belly as a sheet of plastic. Without magnesium it is rigid, while it will bend a little, once it starts to expand and stretch, it will begin to crack, break and itch. Magnesium relaxes and turns the rigidity of your belly into more like a sheet of rubber or a balloon and allows for proper stretching and expansion of the musculoskeletal system and diminishes the awful itch that goes along with it because your skin is more pliable! 

You should start using our Vital Vortex Magnesium Cream or Supernova Extra Strength Magnesium Balm, way before you get pregnant to increase your magnesium levels, your fertility, along with a myriad of other amazing benefits throughout your entire pregnancy and delivery.

Coffee Scrub

If you are already pregnant it’s not too late to start using the cream or butter today to reverse the damage and even out skin tone. Our Galactic Glow Creamy Dreamy Body Scrub also contains magnesium oil and organic coffee grounds which help fade and even out old stretch marks.