Muscle Cramping Remedies That Work

Muscle spasms are brutal and that’s putting it lightly. Words can’t quite explain the agonizing pain of a muscle cramp creeping up on you out of the blue like it’s something straight out of a horror film. Unfortunately, they’re quite common. Studies show that 60% of adults have muscle cramps from time to time, with the frequency increasing as you age. And we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but women are more likely to suffer from nighttime cramps than men. But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and it can be found in a bottle of pain relief magnesium cream.


What are Muscle Cramps?

You already know muscle cramps are agonizing spasms of pain that can derail your entire mood, but what are they? A muscle cramp can be described as a sudden, involuntarily and forcibly contraction of a muscle, fibers of a muscle or several muscles all at once. This causes the spasm, which can turn into a muscle cramp if forceful and sustained.


Main Types of Muscle Cramps

Despite summing up any and all sudden spasms of pain that leave you clenching whatever body part begging for relief as a muscle cramp, there are different kinds of muscle cramping. Determining the type of muscle cramp you’re experiencing can provide you with some insight on the cause and best muscle cramping remedies that work for your situation.


True Muscle Cramps

Experts believe that true muscle cramps are caused by hyperactivity of the nerves that stimulate the muscles. These types of muscle cramps usually involve part of or all of a muscle group or group of muscles that work together, such as your leg muscles. These are caused by injury or intense activity muscle cramps. So, if you break a bone or vigorously work your muscles to fatigue and experience a spasm, it’s a true muscle cramp.


Rest Muscle Cramps

The muscle cramps that seemingly come out of nowhere, particularly at night, are rest cramps. These are generally harmless but can be incredibly painful and disruptive to your sleep. As for the cause, it is unknown but it is believed that rest muscle cramps are caused by movements that shorten a muscle, such as pointing your toe while lying down.


Dehydration Muscle Cramps

Just as the name suggests, these types of muscle cramps are caused by excessive fluid loss from sweating. Doing things such as playing sports or from doing other vigorous activities commonly cause these kinds of muscle cramps. They are more likely to occur during warmer weather and can be an early sign of heatstroke and should never be underestimated as “just a muscle cramp”.


Muscle Cramps Caused By Low Magnesium

It’s no surprise that 95% of people experience muscle cramps at some point in their life and 75% of people don’t get enough magnesium in their day. Coincidence? We think not.

Magnesium regulates the way in which your muscles contract and relax. When you don't have sufficient amounts of magnesium, your muscles are stimulated by too much calcium, which triggers uncontrollable spasms. This can cause everything from restless leg syndrome and Charlie horses, and even heart attacks. These types of muscle cramps are more common in pregnant women, but can affect anyone with low magnesium.


Muscle Cramping Remedies That Work

Magnesium is a key component for healing muscle cramping and for preventing them in the future. It helps with the proper functioning of your muscles and acts as a muscle relaxant that relieves tight, cramped, and sore muscles. It’s a natural remedy for muscle cramping that actually works, as it doesn’t just soothe the symptoms but also, it gets down to the root cause.


Using Magnesium Pain Relief Creams for Muscle Cramps

Magnesium pain relief creams are a powerful and natural way to minimize exercise-related pain, including muscle cramps and muscle spasms.

However, using magnesium lotions and balms doesn’t just help prevent the horrible pain spasms that cause muscle cramping. It can also be used to relieve pain from muscle cramps as well, as it acts as a muscle relaxant that relieves tight, cramped, and sore muscles.


Magnesium Is Imperative for Avoiding Lactic Acid Production

The Magnesium Miracle states, “Magnesium allows the body to burn fuel and create energy in an efficient cycle during exercise that does not lead to lactic acid production and buildup”. In other words, it is an essential for preventing post-exercise cramps and muscle pains as it relieves the pressure on your nerves that would become tense otherwise.

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Take a Sip of Chamomile Tea

Make yourself a cup of chamomile tea. Chamomile contains 36 flavonoids, which are compounds with anti-inflammatory properties. It's also a great mood relaxant, that can help you get the rest your body needs right now.


Apply Hot or Cold Compresses

Traditional ways of healing are often the best. Apply hot and cold compresses to the area where the muscle cramping is occurring. This will help ease tense or tight muscles that may be causing your muscles to spasm and cramp. Apply the hot or cold compress for 15-20 minutes and finish by massaging some magnesium pain relief cream into the area. 



For Best Absorption, Topical Magnesium Supplements are a Must

Now, before you start scanning the shelves for oral magnesium supplements, there are some things you need to know. Most oral magnesium supplements have a laxative effect that no one wants to deal with. You treat the pain so you can live the life you want, but end up sitting on the toilet instead. This leaves many people avoiding magnesium supplements and opting for over-the-counter pain medications that only mask your symptoms instead of treating the problem. There is a better solution.

Magnesium is best absorbed through the skin, making magnesium pain relief lotions and balms an excellent option. Magnesium creams also bypass the digestive tract that causes the undesirable laxative effect oral supplements have, so you get the best of all worlds – pain relief, prevention, and no laxative effect.


Look no further for muscle cramping remedies that work. All you need is some magnesium in your life. Moon Mag has a vast collection of quality magnesium pain relief creams that will soothe and heal your muscle cramping.