24 Magnesium Deficiency Signs, Symptoms, And Solutions

Just when you think you eat enough leafy greens to avoid a magnesium deficiency, you learn that studies have found that up to 75% of people do not meet their recommended intake of magnesium. Unfortunately, our modern world is the blame. With the high levels of toxins in everything from what you eat to what breathe; what you wear and what you clean with, the body has a significantly harder time absorbing magnesium than it used to. This has resulted in many magnesium deficiencies or at the least, many people simply are not getting enough magnesium in their system for optimal health. So, we’ve put together this list of the top magnesium deficiency signs and symptoms to look for and what you can do to fix them.


Top Magnesium Deficiency Signs, Symptoms and Solutions

The vast majority of people do not get enough magnesium, but it can still be difficult to figure out if your symptoms are linked to this problem. The following list of magnesium deficiency signs range from mildly annoying to potentially life-altering and if you recognize yourself in any of these, we highly recommend going to a professional for confirmation.


Muscle Pain Signs and Symptoms of a Magnesium Deficiency

Some of the most common and more obvious magnesium deficiency signs occur right in your muscles. Magnesium plays a vital role in balancing electrolytes to reduce your nerves from over-firing. When you don’t have Magnesium cream, magnesium relief cream, magnesium balm, magnesium relief balm, magnesium instant relief, magnesium pain relief cream, magnesium pain relief balm, enough in your system, neurons can become over-excited and cause your muscles to do all types of things such as:

  • Muscle cramping
  • Aches and pains
  • Muscle twitching
  • Muscle spasms
  • Restless leg syndrome
  • Twitching lips and eyelids
  • Heart irregularities and palpitations 

The Solution

Put down the over-the-counter pain medications that come with a long list of potential side effects and toxins. Remember, toxins are the reason it’s so difficult for your body to absorb magnesium, so you certainly don’t want to add more to your body.

Instead, use our organic magnesium relief cream. MoonMag Organic SkinCare offers many different magnesium pain relief cream options, such as magnesium instant relief, extra strength magnesium relief cream, preventative pain relief balms and more.


Mental Health Signs and Symptoms of a Magnesium Deficiency

Magnesium plays a vital role in the regulation of your moods and overall mental health. How much magnesium you have in your body determines how much energy your body needs to make mitochondria (the digestive system of cells). As a result, without sufficient amounts of magnesium, less energy isMagnesium cream, magnesium relief cream, magnesium balm, magnesium relief balm, magnesium instant relief, magnesium pain relief cream, magnesium pain relief balm,  made available to your cells, which can result in magnesium symptoms that range from to debilitating, such as:

  • Fatigue
  • Brain fog
  • Moodiness
  • Insomnia
  • PMS
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Brain fog
  • Lack of memory
  • ADHD

The Solution

To improve your mental health after it has taken a beating due to a lack of magnesium, you need to incorporate some magnesium boosting benefits for your mind and emotions a boost. Eating foods rich in magnesium and tryptophan (a precursor for serotonin, a brain chemical that makes you feel happy, calm and clear) will help increase your magnesium levels while also adding in some mood-boosting elements. Dark chocolate is always a great option, but Salmon and a blue spirulina latte will also help.


Digestion Signs and Symptoms of a Magnesium Deficiency

Magnesium brings water into your bowels to stimulate wave-like contractions that move your food through your digestive tract. And when you don’t have enough magnesium, the food gets “stuck” and uncomfortable symptoms can begin to occur, such as:

  • Stomach aches and pains
  • Heartburn
  • Bloating
  • Excessive gas
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Nausea and vomiting

The Solution

Make sure you’re getting enough fluids and magnesium in your day. Leafy greens such as spinach, artichokes, asparagus, cabbage, and artichokes will help and H2O never hurts. If you're experiencing stomach pains, try rubbing some of our organic magnesium pain relief balm or Vital Vortex Magnesium Cream to help get things flowing. 


Magnesium pain relief creams can help treat the magnesium deficiency symptoms you’re experiencing while also giving your body an extra boost of magnesium that penetrates deeply into your muscles to help restore your aching body. Shop our collection of organic magnesium creams today.