Magnesium Infused Skin Care is Ultimate Defense Against Aging Skin

Magnesium infused skin care products are the ultimate anti-aging products, dubbing as a strong defensive line against a vast array of your skin's latest concerns and issues, including the visible signs of aging. But unlike other beauty trends, the benefits of magnesium go far beyond what meets the eye. So, before you start blotting on some other types of creams and lotions that do not contain magnesium, it’s time to learn the simple skin care science that makes all the difference.

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What is Magnesium?

When you hear ‘magnesium’, you likely think back to the periodic table you learned in grade school. Mg, to be exact. Magnesium is an element that helps hundreds of diverse biochemical reactions that occur in the body. Put simply, it’s a vital component of your health that helps your body function properly.


Magnesium Deficiencies

Magnesium can be found primarily in your bone tissues, as well as many other tissues throughout the body. But why do you need magnesium creams if your body produces it? Great question.

The body needs magnesium to operate fully and properly. Unfortunately, magnesium deficiencies and low magnesium (hypomagnesemia) are at all-time highs with approximately 75% of people not getting enough in their day.  It’s believed that inadequate dietary intake is a result of all of the toxins, chemicals, and preservatives that are now replacing natural ingredients into foods. Not only do these fillers deplete magnesium from food, but they also make it more difficult for your body to absorb magnesium.  


Your Skin Needs Magnesium Creams


What may surprise you is that magnesium provides you with optimal health – physical, mental and emotional. While it works to ensure the proper functioning of several hundred bodily functions, many of those relate to your skin health as well. This is particularly true as you age. You’ve had decades upon decades of exposure to harmful UV rays, pollution, bad habits, and low-quality skincare ingredients, and it all starts to show the older you get. But like most things, magnesium face products can help!


Benefits of Magnesium for Aging Skin


Magnesium is the secret ingredient for healthy skin. Without it, the collagen levels and fatty acids on the skin decrease, resulting in a dull, dry, and uneven complexion that is prone to wrinkles. Flip the script and that also means that adding magnesium creams into your skin care regime can work wonders for your complexion and skin health. Here are some of our favorite benefits:


Increases Skin Elasticity

Magnesium keeps your levels of fatty acids on the skin ideal, which allows for optimal elasticity that helps keep your skin taut and youthful.  

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Deters Wrinkles

The more elasticity your skin has, the harder it is for wrinkles to form. So, adding magnesium creams and lotions into your skincare regime is a great way to fight off the physical signs of aging.


Regulate Cellular Regeneration

Magnesium lotions help regenerate and repair your skin on a cellular level, which is key for skin that is continuously rejuvenated.


Regulate Cellular Repair

In addition to regulating cellular regeneration, magnesium helps cellular repair, which helps fix damaged skin cells. Cellular repair has the ability to visibly improve your skin tone and texture, and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.


Protects From External Damage

By maintaining optimal magnesium levels, your skin has a strong defense against external damage, such as sun exposure, pollution, and stress. And one of the most important steps to anti-aging skin care regimes is to prevent the visible signs of aging in the first place and that’s what magnesium does.  


And that’s only tapping into the physical benefits magnesium has on aging skin. For the full experience, add our collection of magnesium skin care products into your skin care regime. Not sure where to start or which magnesium lotions to use? Our 4-Step Essential Beauty Kit has everything you need to start harnessing this simple skin care science.