Treating Chronic Fatigue: Can Magnesium Help With Chronic Fatigue?

Just when you think you’ve tried everything under the sun to treat your chronic fatigue, you stumble across the hundreds of studies linking a magnesium deficiency to chronic fatigue syndrome. Unfortunately, chronic fatigue is often a “diagnosis of exclusion” meaning that there is no other medical condition of causes that are to blame for the intense tiredness experienced. This also means that there is next to little medical treatment options available. But that’s all about to change because studies are linking magnesium treatment to alleviating the symptoms of chronic fatigue.


Magnesium and Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue is one of those complicated syndromes that doctors have been unable to determine the cause of. Unfortunately, with the cause unknown, it can be difficult for doctors to recommend effective treatment. However, many new studies are being published that link low levels of magnesium to this syndrome.

It is still being decided as to whether magnesium deficiency is the symptom or the cause of the illness, but one thing for sure is that magnesium treatment can improve the condition.

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The Major Magnesium Deficiency in America

Magnesium is an essential mineral involved in many of the functions of the body and without the proper amount of magnesium in your body, you can begin to experience extreme tiredness that doesn’t go away with rest. Studies suggest that approximately 80% of Americans are magnesium deficient. So, even if you experience extreme tiredness but have yet to label it or be diagnosed with chronic fatigue magnesium can be an effective and beneficial treatment option.


Symptoms of Magnesium Deficiency

To determine if you may potentially be dealing with a magnesium deficiency, it’s highly recommended to speak with a medical professional. Here’s a look at the most common symptoms of magnesium deficiency, so you better understand what it is you’re experiencing and if a trip to the doctors or magnesium treatment is needed:

  • Weakness or soreness in the muscles
  • Muscle cramps and twitches
  • Moodiness, irritability and anxiousness
  • High blood pressure
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia

*These symptoms can also be associated with other medical conditions and it is important to speak with a medical professional for an accurate diagnosis.


Reasons You May Have a Magnesium Deficiency

Magnesium is essential to your health and a magnesium deficiency can lead to serious medical conditions and concerns. But why do you have such low levels? Here are some common reasons people have a magnesium deficiency:

  • High or excessive stress
  • Use of prescription medications, such as antibiotics
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Gastrointestinal dysfunction
  • Poor diet
  • Low vitamin D


Using Magnesium Lotions and Balms to Alleviate Chronic Fatigue

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To begin reviving your life and health with our magnesium lotions and balms, add some Moon Mag organic skincare into your daily skincare regime. From the muscle aches and twitches to the muscle cramps and weakness, our magnesium relief creams that can ease many of the symptoms associated with chronic fatigue.

Start with a soothing body scrub, a silky milky cleansing milk and moon mask, and finish with a lather of our Vital Vortex Magnesium Relief Cream or Supernova Extra Strength Magnesium Relief Balm for optimal comfort.

While we all get tired from time to time, chronic fatigue is extreme tiredness that doesn’t go away and that cannot be explained by other medical conditions. Science has linked chronic fatigue to magnesium deficiencies, which also means that by adding magnesium treatment into your healing regime, you can begin to improve your wellbeing and increase your energy levels so you can get back to living the great, vibrant life you deserve. Shop the Moon Mag collection of soothing magnesium lotions and balms that nourish your skin and improve your health with Mother Nature’s apothecary.