How to Get Rid of Lactic Acid

An accumulation of lactic acid in your muscles can affect you in many ways and it’s much more common than you think. So, if you’ve been experiencing muscle cramping, soreness or random spasms, listen up!


What is Lactic Acid Buildup?

Lactic acid buildup occurs when your muscles are not getting enough oxygen to break down glucose and glycogen. This causes the acid to accumulate in your muscles, which can cause a vast array of uncomfortable and sometimes even debilitating symptoms, such as exhaustion, muscle cramps, extreme fatigue, headaches, and digestion problems, to name a few. The good news is that treating lactic acid buildup is fairly easy and as you may have guessed, using magnesium creams to treat lactic acid is one of the best solutions.


Signs and Symptoms of Lactic Acid Buildup

From muscle cramps to muscle spasms; a lactic acid buildup can often be felt in your body long before you even know it’s happening. Some of the most common symptoms of lactic acid accumulation in the muscles are muscle tightness, cramps, soreness, muscle spasms and fatigue.

However, there are many other signs and symptoms that can be the result of lactic acid buildup that are just as unpleasant as agonizing muscle aches and pains, including:

  • Weakness
  • Muscle cramping
  • Burning sensation in muscles
  • Sore muscles
  • Shortness of breath
  • Rapid or shallow breathing
  • Numbness
  • Cramps
  • Tingling
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Yellowing of the eyes or skin


Muscle Cramps Go Hand-In-Hand with a Lactic Acid Buildup

If you’re experiencing muscle cramps, soreness or spasms, the agonizing pain could be a sign that you have a buildup of lactic acid in your muscles. A lactic acid buildup is often noticed in your muscles first, as many of the other symptoms can be mistaken for something else.

But why does this happen? Well, the acid causes your muscles to contract, causing the horrible muscle cramps, soreness and spasms of pain that 95% of people can relate to, according to studies. Leg cramps and foot cramps are particularly common, but muscle spasms, aches and pains can occur in any muscle in the body. They can involve part of a muscle or the muscle fiber, the entire muscle or several muscles that act together. Ouch!

Fortunately, muscle cramps are usually nothing more than an annoying yet harmless symptom. However, they can drastically affect your life when left untreated, as the intense pain spasms can make it difficult to maintain healthy physical activity levels or to do everyday activities, such as walking or standing for long periods of time. And considering how easy it is to treat muscle cramps with magnesium pain relief creams, there’s no reason to subject yourself to such horrible pain spasms.


Simple, Natural Ways to Get Rid of Lactic Acid

There are many simple and natural ways to treat a buildup of lactic acid and to prevent it from occurring moving forward. Take a look at some of the top, most effective solutions for getting rid of lactic acid naturally and effectively.


Magnesium Pain Relief Creams

You can provide your body with the magnesium it needs (it’s best absorbed through the skin) while also soothing any pain you may already be experiencing with magnesium pain relief creams. Magnesium aids in the proper function of your muscles and also acts as a muscle relaxant that relieves tight, cramped, and sore muscles. This allows you to prevent potential lactic acid build-up, while also treating cramping, soreness, and spasms associated with it.


Incorporate Magnesium Into Your Routine

Add some magnesium products into your daily routine. Magnesium is highly absorbable when applied topically. So, any magnesium products, whether it’s magnesium cosmetics, magnesium deodorants, magnesium body scrubs or other daily products can help get rid of lactic acid.

And just think, you’re wearing deodorant and using a scrub in the shower anyway, so might as well swap out your current generic products for magnesium alternatives. It doesn’t add any extra steps into your regime and you get an extra boost of health, pain relief and prevention of lactic acid buildup.


Proper Stretching

Getting rid of lactic acid in your muscles can be as simple as using a magnesium pain relief cream and doing proper stretches. Stretching helps stimulate circulation (as do magnesium creams), bringing more oxygen to your muscles to relieve tension. This can help reduce the production of lactic acid while also getting rid of lactic acid buildup in your muscles.


Eat Magnesium-Rich Foods Before Working Out

Combine your magnesium creams with a magnesium-rich diet before working out. Foods, such as nuts, leafy greens and legumes, are rich in magnesium and serve as the perfect post-workout snake. And since studies show that 75% of people don’t get enough magnesium in their daily diet, this will give you a one-up on your health and pain management. 


Magnesium creams for pain relief offer a natural way to prevent and get rid of lactic acid in your muscles. It is one of the best muscle cramping remedies that can effectively ease muscle pains, aches, cramps, and spasms. Shop Moon Mag for all of your magnesium pain relief creams, cosmetics and body products.