How to Even Skin Tone with Natural Ingredients

 Your skin is the largest organ in the body and it deserves to be treated with some good, healthy ingredients. There are many contributing factors that disrupt your skin complexion, such as sun exposure, acne, heat, hormones, pregnancy – and you guessed it, the skin care products you use. So, let’s combat the freckles, sun spots, dark spots, and other skin imperfections that are disrupting your even skin tone with safe and effective products that make your skin feel as good as it looks.


What Disrupts an Even Skin Tone?

Even skin tone, creams for hyperpigmentation, skin completion

The first step to learning how to even skin tone is to determine what type of hyperpigmentation you’re dealing with. This will help you narrow in on the best products for even skin tone and for lightening and brightening your skin.


Sun Exposure

By now, you already know that the sun’s harmful UV rays are the root of all evil when it comes to your skin health. While it’s important to always apply SPF protection to your skin when going outdoors, sunscreens don’t reverse the effects the sun has already had on your skin complexion. So, you’ll want to use creams for hyperpigmentation and sun protection moving forward to achieve and maintain an even skin tone.


High Temperatures

It isn’t just the sunshine that affects your skin complexion; heat can too. With high temperatures, your skin increases melanin activity, hence why freckles and other dark spots tend to appear after spending time outdoors.


Excessive Exfoliation

Exfoliating your skin feels great - we totally get it. However, exfoliating too much can increase the pigment causing post-inflammation hyperpigmentation.


Picking Imperfections

When you see a pimple pop up on your face or a new spot that seems to have come out of nowhere, the first thing you want to do is pick it. It’s a guilty pleasure many of us have but it can form post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This is when the skin is picked so much over the course of many years that the inflammation has resulted in brown patches on your skin.


Hormonal Changes with Age

The skin changes as you age – that’s a given. However, those unexplainable brown spots are often the result of a hormonal change that comes with age. This is the result of your skin increasing in pigmentation starting in your early 40s.


Prescription Medications

Some prescription medications may cause hyperpigmentation as a side effect. If this is something you’re experiencing and concerned about, it’s worth a shot to see if there are any alternative medications you can try.


Birth Control

It can be difficult to even skin tone when on birth control pills, especially if they are the culprits of your skin blemishes. Fortunately, there are many different types you can try to minimize the effects it has on your skin, with some dermatologists even claiming to help even skin tone.



There is something so magical about being pregnant, but there’s no denying that it does all kinds of weird things to your body and skin. Skin blemishes and an uneven complexion are some of the most common things pregnant women experience due to the increased hormonal activity.


How to Even Skin Tone

Now that we know what is disrupting your even skin tone, it’s time to find out the best skin care products for hyperpigmentation and tips for giving your skin the boost it needs.

Even skin tone, creams for hyperpigmentation, skin complexion


Use Magnesium Skin Care Products

Magnesium is being hailed as the ultimate skin care ingredient – and for all the right reasons. It helps improve your skin’s appearance. A magnesium deficiency results in lower levels of fatty acids on the skin. This reduces elasticity and moisture and creates the perfect condition for dryness and inflammation. Magnesium reduces and other skin issues by lowering cortisol levels (your stress hormones), stabilizing your hormonal imbalances and enhancing cellular processes, improving your skin's appearance,  So, if you want clear, even skin tone, skin care products with magnesium as the main ingredient are key. 

You can find magnesium chloride in our face masks, and scrubs which is perfect because the key to magnesium being effective is leaving it on the skin long enough for it to be absorbed. Both our maks and scrubs need to dry which takes anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes and if you leave them on longer, that is even better! 

 Goat Milk + Kefir

One of the key ingredients in MOONMAG Organic SkinCare products is goat milk, which contains a number of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, triglycerides and lactic acid (an alpha hydroxy acid), all of which provide a range of positive effects for your skin. From keeping your skin moisturized to aiding in the natural cell shedding processes, goat milk boasts numerous anti-aging benefits.

Lactic acid is an AHA that’s essentially sour milk used to produce smooth skin and balance your skin’s PH level. It lightly exfoliates by dissolving dead skin cells and has been used by ancient Egyptians for centuries to improve the overall aesthetic of skin.

Using acids at lower strengths makes them less irritating and less aggressive, but still effective. What is even better is that you don't have to see peeling to see results! Our products have just enough lactic acid in them to stimulate cell turnover and dissolve the crud between skin cells so they fall off at the same time while keeping the shedding invisible to the eye. 

Which brings us to the fact that goat milk skincare acts as a gentle chemical peel. Chemical peels are very popular for their wrinkle-reducing and anti-aging results. They are powerful chemical exfoliants depending on which acid is used and are known to burn off the top layer of your skin and cause intense shedding which is very unsightly for about 3 to 4 weeks. Lactic acid is a chemical exfoliant but is much gentler and provides exfoliation over time so you don't have the unpleasant discomfort and scaly skin, but you still get the even skin tone benefits.


Exfoliate Just Enough

While excessive exfoliating can cause an uneven complexion, it’s still important to exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin cells that are clogging your pores. Limit your exfoliating to two to three times a week and make sure you’re using a quality exfoliate, such as our magnesium scrub.

 Even skin tone, creams for hyperpigmentation, skin complexion

Wear Sunscreen Every Day

Yes, you need to be wearing sunscreen even when the sun isn’t shining. Those harmful UV rays can penetrate right through the thickest of clouds.


Layer Up

Although sunscreen is important for achieving an even skin tone, it does not protect against the heat that is one of the causes of hyperpigmentation. So, it’s important to also cover yourself up with a hat, umbrella, or SPF clothing.


Give your skin the TLC it needs and that you deserve with the best creams for hyperpigmentation infused with soothing, nourishing magnesium. Shop MOONMAG for all of your probiotic goat milk + kefir, magnesium infused skin care products today.