Learn Our Secret To Detoxing Your Pits For Your All-Natural Deodorant

Body odor is a sign of magnesium deficiency. The more deficient you are in magnesium the stronger your odor will be. 

French surgeon Dr. Pierre Delbet, considered body odor to be due to an imbalance in the normal intestinal bacteria and that somehow magnesium restored that balance. As you increase your magnesium, your general body odor will decrease.

If you want your natural deodorant to be more effective a lot sooner, then take the time to prep your pits! Detox, exfoliate and prep your pits with our probiotic Kefir Masks and Body Scrub! Use them on your armpits -- just as you would your face -- a few weeks prior to switching to our Natural Magnesium Deodorant NODOR.

Choose from our Lunar Lavender, Red Rock Rosemary, Space Paste Detox Mask and Galactic Glow Body Scrub. It's all in the ingredients. There are several reasons why our masks and body scrub are effective at detoxing your pits.

First, the exotic clays and clay blend combinations absorb and draw out impurities from your pits and unclog your pores.

Second, magnesium chloride is a highly soluble, potent form of magnesium for fast-acting topical use. Magnesium chloride is more easily absorbed and utilized by the body. Rubbed on the skin, it is absorbed into the tissues of the body thus increasing your magnesium levels and decreasing your odor. Studies have shown magnesium to minimize odor caused by excessive perspiration.

Third, the goat milk kefir contains a form of lactic acid (an Alpha Hydroxy Acid) that helps in balancing ph levels which keeps body odor away. Abundant with good bacteria to restore and rejuvenate the skin's microbiome. 

Fourth, pure essential oils. “Body odor” is the result of bacteria breaking down protein from your apocrine sweat glands into certain acids. It is not *necessarily* a result of sweat; our bodies are supposed to sweat. It’s a natural process and one of the ways we actually detox. Our beloved armpits have many lymph nodes and hair follicles. Massaging essential oils into this part of the body delivers the oils deep into the tissues and helps move lymph along its way.

Lavender, rosemary and patchouli oils are known to mask and help neutralize odor.  All are used to treat various skin issues and have antibacterial properties that help kill the bacteria present in the underarms.

Start detoxing your pits today and using our NODOR natural deodorant creams.