8 Reasons Why Doctors Are Recommending Magnesium For Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a joyous time, but it can also be overwhelming especially when you have everyone and their mother telling you what you should be doing. It seems everyone who has ever had a child before (and even those who have not) knows what is best for you and the baby. However, the only advice that’s worth considering is that of which comes from a health professional, whether it’s your midwife or family physician. One of the main things doctors are recommending for pregnant women is to use magnesium for pregnancy and we’ve got the scoop on why magnesium for pregnant women is a must.


Reasons to Use Magnesium for Pregnancy

Magnesium is an essential mineral for pregnant women. It has a plethora of health benefits for both mom and baby, and can even reduce the risks of experiencing devastating complications.

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Reduce the Risk of Pre-Eclampsia

Pre-eclampsia can be described as a threat to the baby after the 20th week. It is a devastating condition that affects 8% of all pregnancy and can result in premature delivery, stillbirth or the death of the mother. Fortunately, doctors discovered that magnesium deficiencies were a common factor in pregnant women experiencing pre-eclampsia and now treat mothers who are admitted into the hospital with symptoms of pre-eclampsia with large amounts of magnesium given intravenously.

This also means that by using magnesium during pregnancy, you reduce the risk of experiencing pre-eclampsia or eclampsia, which can affect the mom up to 6 weeks after giving birth, right at home. Doctors recommend taking magnesium when pregnant topically with a magnesium spray or lotion instead or orally for maximum absorption and to avoid an upset stomach or a laxative effect.


Improves the Growth in a Developing Baby

Taking magnesium when pregnant is beneficial for the development of the baby as well. Studies show that using magnesium when pregnant has a positive effect on the growth of the fetus, while also reducing growth restriction for the developing baby. Magnesium can also improve fetal circulation and increase birth weight, giving you a big, healthy baby.


Stabilizes Blood Sugar Levels

For women experiencing gestational diabetes (difficulty digesting carbs during pregnancy), using magnesium spray can help. Studies suggest that magnesium spray for pregnancy significantly improves blood sugar levels while also reducing the risk of newborn hyperbilirubinemia.


Maintains Healthy Blood Pressure to Reduce Risk of Pre-Eclampsia and Clampsia

It’s imperative to maintain healthy blood pressure levels during pregnancy, as high blood pressure is a risk factor for both preeclampsia and eclampsia. Studies found that taking magnesium when pregnant can be an effective way to prevent increased blood pressure.

magnesium when pregnant

Reduces Cramping and Contractions

Magnesium spray for pregnancy is great for reducing the severity of cramping and contractions. While these two factors are unavoidable when pregnant, using magnesium cream can provide natural and effective pain relief to make these uncomfortable symptoms a little more bearable. As a bonus, magnesium can also be used to relieve other types of pain, such as restless leg syndrome when pregnant.


Prevents Premature Birth

Magnesium sulfate is a type of magnesium used to suppress a potential premature birth by slowing down or inhibiting contractions completely. This is the result of magnesium lowering calcium amounts in the uterine muscles, which causes the muscles to relax, which delays the birth. As such, using magnesium creams, balms and sprays for pregnancy is highly recommended particularly for those who are more likely to experience premature birth.


Relaxes the Nervous System

When nerves are at an all-time high with a baby on the way, it’s important to find natural ways to calm your nervous system. Magnesium can help. Studies show that having a healthy magnesium balance makes you more resistant to stress and can even keep you calm and level headed.


Prevents Stretch Marks At Source

Magnesium is one of the most important ingredients for your skin and it can work wonders for preventing stretch marks. Use magnesium cream or magnesium balm where stretch marks are likely to develop and it will help relax your musculoskeletal system, allowing for healthy tissue stretching that doesn’t leave a mark. As a bonus, magnesium helps with the itchy stretch marks as well.


Magnesium spray, creams, and balms for pregnancy are products every woman needs to have in her self care routine. Magnesium is ideal for maintaining optimal health for both you and baby, while also helping you overcome the symptom, nerves, and signs of pregnancy. Shop MOONMAG for all of your magnesium products when pregnant and beyond.